With over 30 years accumulated rich experience and full range product platform, Aerodev can provide Custom Design Solution for controlling Electromagnetic Interference, including:

        ※In products’ early design period, share our EMC experience with Customers’ engineer to provide the most economical and reliable Solution.

        ※In products’ design period, provide our formal solutions and products to help customer complete their new product design and samples synchronously.

        ※In EMC testing period, provide complete technical support. If necessary, offer corrective actions and re-make the filter samples to help our customer pass EMC testing.

        ※In mass production period, support global delivery and ensure product quality.

        ※ In whole life period of customer’s product, provide new EMC solution to follow up customer’s product upgrades, Thus customer’s product can have sustained competitive advantage.

You may need our following technical support and interference control products:

        ※EMC Testing and Improvement

        ※EMC Design Consultation

        ※Control Electromagnetic Interference Products

        ※EMI/RFI Filters

        ※Harmonic Reactors

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